07 March 2017

Happy International Women’s Day!


A Message From Our Creative Director – Daniela Anastasio Bardazzi 


Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.31.10 PM[1]
For me women have always been an ingenious kind. We have this uncanny ability to out-think our obstacles, and my mother was no exception. All of my early memories of her are in this red, crushed-patent trench. She spotted a similar coat on a woman in town and couldn’t stop thinking of it. Way out of budget for our growing family, she decided to recreate it. At the time my grandmother worked at an upholstery factory, where with a bit of investigation, she was able to track down a few yards of this cherry red vinyl. That, a dollar Simplicity Pattern, and her favorite coat of the 70’s was born. Her jacket reminds me of all the times she supported my visions and recreated them for me: Madonna’s lace gloves with the ruffled wrist, all my party dresses, and my own replica of Annie’s famous red romper. She has always been a source of inspiration and innovation in my life and work. 


When I joined the Aigner team in 2012, I was so honored to be able to contribute to its long-standing legacy of designing for incredible, modern women. On behalf of the entire Etienne Aigner family, we could not be more proud to continue to support them at such a vital time in history. We are more beautiful, more ingenious, and stronger then ever when we stand together.

17 January 2017




Spring 2017 is all about nostalgia.


It’s that unexplainable feeling that overcomes you when you walk into your childhood home as an adult… that moment you open the door to your old bedroom closet … that experience of rediscovering the pieces you loved so long ago. It’s taking the silk dress you wore decades before and layering it with a pair of pants to make it look new again… it’s dusting off that beautifully broken-in bucket bag that your mother carried every day on your first romp through Europe and carrying it to brunch on Sunday morning…


In our quest to find the perfect location for our spring photo shoot, we wanted to find a home that felt like it could tell the story of a life well-lived. And we found it—right here in the East Village in NYC.


Etienne Aigner Spring 2017 Collection

Trees do grow in NYC. The contrast between the wrought iron fence and tree-lined curb made it impossible not to snap a few outdoor shots.


The backdrop for our Spring 2017 photo shoot perfectly captures the essence of our newest collection, and it took just a matter of minutes for our creative team to agree that we never wanted to leave. Not only did this home have all the character and charm you would expect from a pre-war NYC brownstone, but it had a backyard. Yes—a backyard! We were instantly transported to a place and time that seemed to transcend time and place, and we wanted to move in right then and there.


Etienne Aigner Spring 2017 Collection

With its tufted accent chairs, marble fireplace, trinkets and family heirlooms scattered about, it was hard to decide what we loved most about this home.


Our beautiful model Mariana Santana brought undeniable beauty, amazing energy, and an incredibly kind sense of spirit to the shoot. Check out Mariana’s Instagram account @marianasantana and try to score a yoga class with her—when she’s not doing photo shoots and runway shows, this Zen goddess teaches yoga classes at various studios in NYC.


Etienne Aigner Spring 2017 Collection

In a second floor bedroom drenched in natural sunlight, Mariana looks radiant in this chic white dress and vintage-inspired clutch.

28 December 2016

How To: Forgo the Glitter this NYE

Three Unexpected Ways to Shine 


By: Caroline Vazzana @CVAZZANA – Etienne Aigner Brand Ambassador


It’s that time of year again where we put our past behind us, write up a list of resolutions, and look forward to the New Year ahead. But before you can start working toward your 2017 goals, you need to nail down your plan to ring in the New Year, and most importantly your outfit. Whether you’re spending it surrounded by family and friends, or possibly with a new flame, you need an outfit that can do more. A dress that announces, “New Year, New You!”

Traditionally you might think rows of sequins or glittery ruffles. But for the girl out there that doesn’t love glitter (I know you’re out there), you too can wow this NYE without having to resemble a disco ball! Proof below is three unexpected NYE outfits that will help you kick off the New Year on the right foot.

When in doubt, wear red. A bold formfitting red dress will help you light up the room, sans the glitter. Over-the-knee boots add a sophisticated toughness to your outfit, plus you can forgo the confining tights. Paired with a bold red lip, let’s just say your special someone won’t be able to resist come midnight.


The rumors are true; you can never go wrong with a little black dress. For NYE though, look for an LBD with a little something extra. I personally love these flutter sleeves! Decorate your clean black canvas with some eye-catching accessories – a metallic pump, a bright bag, layers of necklaces, and sparkly tights will help you embrace the night’s glittery vibes without overdoing it.


Paisley prints are no longer only reserved for bandanas. This NYE change things up with a classic pattern like this black and blue paisley number. Play with textures by pairing your look with shiny Italian box leather booties and an ice blue accessory like this pebble leather crossbody.

Cheers to the New Year!


Location Provided By: Yotel New York
Photography: Becca Glasser-Baker
28 November 2016

What To Wear to Every Type of Holiday Party


By: Caroline Vazzana @CVAZZANA – Etienne Aigner Brand Ambassador

The holiday season is officially upon us. But, before we can relax and break out the eggnog, there is a lot to be done. By now, your inbox is probably flooded with invitations to various holiday get-togethers. And while that sounds exciting in theory, managing your schedule while also picking out the perfect ensemble can feel daunting. Now, I understand that not all holiday parties are alike. So with this in mind, I thought I would make things easy for you, and style out outfits for every type of holiday soiree you might be attending. From a more formal evening with your significant others’ parents, to a night at home with your loved ones, I’ve got you covered. Now, all you’ll have to worry about is not burning the cookies!



Family Reunion

It’s most likely been a while since your entire family has been together. So in that case, I suggest a look that will not only make a statement but also leave you feeling comfortable after indulging on mashed potatoes. You are with your family after all, and I know how much you love your Grandma’s cooking, so a wide-leg culotte gives you the extra room you need while still looking polished. Add an A-line fringe accented top to not only look super chic, but also draw attention away from your mid-section when you’re feeling overly stuffed. Pair your look with a metallic silver pump and structured cross-body bag and you’re good to go.




Meeting the Parents

This is a very important occasion for both you and your significant other, so it’s important to make a good first impression. For this I decided on a traditional holiday color, a deep cordovan, and Etienne Aigner’s signature color. A pantsuit is a polished alternative to your everyday dress or skirt, but can still be flirty and feminine when paired with a furry satchel, ruffled turtleneck, and classic black pump. With an outfit like this, I’m sure you’ll get their approval.



Office Holiday Party

The office holiday party is arguably one of the most important events you’ll attend. You want a look that transcends your everyday 9 to 5 wears, but is still polished and professional. I started with a structured dress that’s not only comfortable (and has pockets!) but will also show off your figure. I then layered it with these incredible suede over-the-knee boots that perfectly accent your legs and go up high enough that there’s no need to wear tights, what could be better? Accent your seemingly simple look with a bright lipstick red bag, gold jewelry, and a deep navy fur wrap to give your look an ultra luxe finish.



07 October 2016



It’s that tricky transitional season again: no longer summer but not yet winter, leaving many Modern Monarchs in need of a lesson in layering.  Combat these indecisive temperatures with a fresh combination of pieces that pack on extra warmth.


The white blouse has always been a staple in layered dressing.  This season we debut our Long Sleeve Pleat Blouse.  As indulgent as it is practical, this blouse serves as a radical take on your basic tee.  Layered under a sleek cordovan wrap front dress, this understated addition adds effortless drama to any outfit. Complete the look by pairing it with our Eti Mini Bucket Bag, Fur Pompom Keychain, and Leighton Heel Bootie. 



Classic accessories help pull any outfit together, but now is not the time to be shy. Make our Mood Feed Bag part of your outfit by wearing it higher, hitting your natural waist in our Sleeveless Dress. Additionally, cascade our Evil Eye Keychain  onto the side of the bag to lengthen your look.



Pair any of the above trends with a classic shoe like our Beatrice Flat in black or add some shine with our Coin Studded Medium Eva Pouch to pull together our Modern Monarch look.

04 August 2016




You don’t have to be a royal to dress like one.


Inspired by historic fashion trends and infused with textures and touches of modernity, the Fall 2016 collection captures the essence of what we like to call “the modern monarch.” From high collars and ruffled accents to crest logo buttons that lend an old-world feel, the collection blends the sophisticated, regal air of royalty with the clean, functional styling that the contemporary woman demands. Featuring both expertly tailored fabric blocked silhouettes and billowy, feminine dresses, we’ve juxtaposed sumptuous Italian fabrics with vintage distressed leathers, making this one of our most exciting collections to date.


With photographer Thomas Giddings, model Jess PW, and makeup artist Stevie Huynh, we headed over to Jack Studios in NYC, located just a few blocks from our midtown Manhattan offices. Bathed in natural sunlight with sweeping views of the New York City skyline and the Hudson River, Jack Studios proved to be the perfect setting for our new fall campaign. 


Behind The Scenes of Fall 2016 Campaign
Stevie Huynh makes Jess PW even more gorgeous with a neutral palette and the perfect brush



Etienne Aigner Campaign shot at Jack Studio in NYC

From this view facing east, the Empire State Building looms large as it’s framed by one of the many windows at Jack Studios

04 August 2016




Capturing the essence of what it means to be a modern monarch, our Fall 2016 collection melds historic elements of fashion with fresh, new, contemporary silhouettes. With the monarchy in mind, it only seemed fitting that we would need our own family crest in order to put our signature stamp on this new collection. We spent hours researching the family crests of famous (and infamous) lineages throughout history, and ultimately, we found our inspiration on an antique piece of linen that seems to have originated in the Renaissance era.


Once we had the design hammered out, we needed to bring it to life, and we immediately thought of our friend and artist, Ester Park. As the founder and creative spirit of DPL Collective, Ester was able to actualize our vision through the use of 3D printing and laser cutting technology in order to create the crest button that’s featured throughout our Fall 2016 collection. Ester took our initial concept and made it a reality.

Etienne Aigner Fall 2016 Crest Button

Click to watch the crest button surface through the power of 3D printing


Etienne Aigner Crest Button - first prototype
The finished product is rich in texture and detail – it’s amazing what a 3D printer can do!


The crest button has been produced in antiqued, matte finishes and applied on styles that range from military-inspired coats to striking handbags to carry-everywhere pouches. It symbolizes where we’ve been and where we’re headed, and the combination of historical heritage and cutting edge technology truly captures the essence of what our newest collection is all about.


Outside her Lower East Side studio in NYC, Ester Park looks ultra-chic in our Crop Wide Leg Pants, Juliette heels, ivory Crop Top, and Lancaster Satchel

Outside her Lower East Side studio in NYC, Ester Park looks ultra-chic in our Crop Wide Leg Pants, Juliette Heels, ivory Crop Top, and Lancaster Satchel

11 January 2016




We’re taking you behind the scenes of our spring 2016 photo shoot, inspired by that refreshing, relaxing feeling of spending a holiday by the sea. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we’re always looking forward to that brief moment of escape, hoping to find that place where the sun reflects just perfectly off our cheek, and trying to hold on to that clean and fresh sense of renewal that we feel on the first day of spring. Our spring 2016 collection is all about finding those perfect moments and places in life where you can pull off a stunning look with minimal effort and still feel completely relaxed.


For this shoot, we jetted off to Robert Moses Beach in Fire Island, New York, located just off the south shore of Long Island. With the sand beneath our feet and the sea breeze blowing in the distance, famed photographer Sophie Elgort, with the gorgeous Camilla Christensen as her model and muse, went to work to capture these stunning shots.


Etienne Aigner Spring 2016 Collection - Behind the Scenes

Sophie Elgort gets sandy to snap this shadow-infused shot of Camilla – even in her blazer, she exudes that feeling of springtime serenity.


Etienne Aigner Spring 2016 - Behind The Scenes 2

A stroll along the coast never looked so good – we love this shot of Camilla with the ocean at her back, her toes in the sand, and her dress blowing gently in the breeze.

Etienne Aigner Spring 2016 Collection - behind the scenes 3

Standing tall in a field of wheat stalks, Camilla captures the essence of what it means to lose yourself in a moment of silent splendor.

18 November 2015


Etienne Aigner

Sleeveless Side Zip Dress


07 February 2015

An inside look at Spring 2015

behind the scenes

On site at the spring 15 photo shoot in the Hamptons

Beautiful Nicole Pollard

The gorgeous Nicole Pollard

Ridding the grounds of cat tails and trying to emulate spring during fall.

Grooming the grounds on set

TTT Charm Necklace

Ten Thousand Things X Etienne Aigner jewelry collaboration http://bit.ly/10X0GKH