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We stand in solidarity with our community

A Letter To Our Etienne Aigner Community

To Our Etienne Aigner Community,

We are deeply saddened by the racial injustices that the Black community has endured throughout history and in the present day. We’re devastated that it has taken so many innocent lives to spark serious change and inclusivity moving forward.

We have taken time to have necessary conversations with each other as we listen and learn from the important voices that need to be amplified right now. Going forward, we promise to actively do our part to continually showcase and work with a diverse community of BIPOC artists and creatives.

We have always stood in solidarity with our entire community and we are committed to continuing on this path. We won't treat this as just a headline or a trend. Black lives matter, and while it will be a continuous battle, we are here to help fight & amplify black voices.

As always, we welcome your ideas, stories, and resources for shaping a better tomorrow. You can always reach out if you want to chat at