Aigner Journal

Etienne Aigner innovates with new limited edition bag straps

Design in the Details

Etienne Aigner has long been acclaimed for its innovative design details, elevated craftsmanship, and quality materials. Founded in 1959, the brand was first adopted by the equestrian set and quickly became synonymous with a leisurely lifestyle. Aigner aficionados fondly remember the iconic leather riding boots and refined saddle bag style handbags, the patented hardware, and the distinctive Aigner “A” logo that resembles an inverted horseshoe. Each aspect of the brand’s roots has a story all its own that we continue to tell by tapping into our heritage in fresh ways.

Continuing this tradition, Etienne Aigner is introducing a line of three limited edition straps crafted from regatta leather in contrasting classic colors. Meant to be paired with the Mia crossbody bag, each strap features artisanal braided stitching and antique brass hardware reminiscent of a horse’s bridle.

The straps are also compatible with several other styles in the Mia collection. These standout new add-ons make a fun statement and add a touch of unique style and personality to the bag you’ve come to know and love.