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The early days of spring look a bit different this year. But we're looking at brighter days ahead! 

Happy National Picnic Day

For so many of us, outdoor picnics are synonymous with springtime, but sadly, the early days of spring look a bit different this year. Particularly, in our headquarters of New York City, picnics in Central Park are something to look forward to once it’s warmer. Despite the current situation, we decided to observe National Picnic Day to lift our spirits and celebrate springs arrival from home. We packed up a couple of our signature basket bags with snacks, sandwiches, and rosé (of course), and went straight to the backyard. 

After spending countless weeks inside, and countless hours staring at the TV & computer screens, it’s nice to shake things up and get a little fresh air and sunshine on our faces. Plus, we love any excuse to pull out our favorite accessories, and the Luca Collection provides just enough room for all the makings of a perfect al fresco lunch and are stylish, modern updates to the classic picnic basket.   

aigner blog picnic day-luca-alana

Even if you don’t have an outdoor space, you can change up your everyday scenery inside with a living room picnic! Eating somewhere you don’t normally eat, and creating a fun ambiance is a great way to feel like you’re still living life outside of the four walls of your house. It’s also a great new activity to keep little ones entertained, even if it only lasts a short time.

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Simply throw down an old blanket, whip up (or order in) some tasty food, and get the kids excited for a different kind of lunch or dinner today. If you’re planning ahead for Mother’s Day on May 10th, a picnic brunch (inside or outside!) is another great way to celebrate! Mimosa’s, and chic picnic totes sound like an ideal day. If you need help with gift ideas to go with brunch, make sure to take a look at our Mother’s Day gift guide!

aigner blog picnic day