Aigner Journal

Learn more about the “Man with the Golden Hands” and discover his 60 year legacy.


All About Mr. Etienne Aigner

Born in Hungary, founder Etienne Aigner moved to Paris in the 1930s, where he created custom luxury leather goods for Dior and Balenciaga before striking out on his own. Etienne’s European sensibility, combined with a multifunctional approach, immediately struck a chord with American women.

Each bag was detailed with purpose and precision, trimmed with useful pockets, and produced using fine leathers and hardware. Hallmarks included his signature leather hue dubbed “Antic Red,” a cordovan still used today; patented clasps, buckles, and chains; and of course, his distinctive logo, an “A” recast to resemble a horseshoe–both a symbol of luck and a nod to Etienne’s renown as a designer of stylish riding boots.


With its chic aesthetic and practical construction, the brand became a favorite of the town and country set–women who were equally comfortable in cosmopolitan cities and weekend leisure destinations. The coveted accessories earned him praise as "The Man with the Golden Hands.” Some 60 years later, we pay homage to our heritage by referencing and borrowing elements from our extensive archives, ensuring that every item we make today achieves the same level of perfection as those that Etienne created himself.