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Molly My is an entrepreneur and editor who set out to deliver insightful and relevant content.

Meet Molly My

Now, with My Magazine under her belt featuring articles ranging from sustainable farming to wedding planning, she is sharing her secrets of success and why she believes remaining authentic to yourself is key.

We love your magazine! Why did you think there was a place for a physical magazine in the age of digital, and with the landscape of media changing so drastically?
Thank you! We deliberately started online, in full awareness that a lot of printed media has had its struggles in the last ten years. It was only after receiving so many requests from readers for printed copies that we considered the transition. To be honest, I didn’t expect this! Readers wanted something tangible; something they could keep on their coffee table and in their kitchen, which is a huge compliment to our work. Print is a big step for a small magazine—it costs a lot more, takes more time, and for me as the editor, poses the challenge to work twice as hard. I started My Magazine with the intent to fill a void for millennial women. There are a lot of great magazines out there, but I would buy stacks of them and really only relate to a few pages in each. I wanted to create a highly curated, beautiful publication for young women that was equally as attainable as it was aspirational. I’m pretty proud of the result. 

Molly carries the Capri Tote in Cognac and wears the Bermuda Sandal in Cherry.
So interesting that your readers actually requested a print version of My Magazine. What are some of your favorite topics to cover?
Molly: It’s exciting to cover topics that I’m personally experiencing. For example, in the upcoming summer issue, we’re producing more bridal content than ever before (I recently got engaged), so this is one topic I consider a “favorite” at the moment. The topics we include are derived from our peers and what we—and they—are going through first hand. Our readers are also our peers, which creates the connectivity between us and them as far as relatability and attainability. Me being able to directly involve myself in understanding our readers and the content they’re seeking, as someone who is just like them, makes our approach highly personal. That is what is often missing from mainstream media — a personal touch. We take a thoughtful approach to working with brands at creating their ideal message through organically construed advertisements as well as mindful placement of traditional ads. 

At Etienne Aigner, we are all about building on our classic heritage and traditional craftsmanship. How did you use your hard-earned experience and skill set to strike out on your own?
Molly: I had never created a magazine before or worked in publishing, but I’m very visual, so sketching out my ideas for the concept on paper was one way to make the process more my speed. This visual conceptualization was the first skill set I put into action that helped frame and focus my creative side. It’s important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and exercise ways to support or cater to them both, especially if you’re venturing out onto something new. I’ve learned that if you know who you are and what you love, you’ll find your way. 

Molly wears the Negroni Sandal in Natural with Gold accent.
What advice would you give to someone looking to take an entrepreneurial step in their career, particularly women?
Network with other women! It’s easy to ignore this step in the beginning, and then to put it on the back burner as you get busier and busier. Not to mention, it can be intimidating (and I get it), but that’s one hurdle to get over, quickly. Networking is an important step to starting and maintaining a business. Ask for advice, introductions, etc. and develop your own community of like-minded women. You’ll need all the help you can get, trust me! I make a point to reach out to someone new every day. Conversely, be there for others too. How much you put out there into the universe in happiness and in helping others is the amount you receive in return.

You’ve said that you subscribe to the belief that “everything old is new again.” How do you think a heritage brand like Etienne Aigner can honor our deep-rooted history and still remain relevant and innovative? 
Molly: When a brand comes from a place of historical depth, it has to brace for changing phases of trends and buyer preferences with a very patient outlook and remain true to its core aesthetic. I heard once that people and their personalities are pretty permanent, and only change give or take 15 percent over the course of their lifespan. A brand’s identity should be the same. That 15 percent can be the touch of change, modernization, and adaptiveness to fresh ideas in order to hold the interest of others; however, what makes a good brand in my opinion, is one that never strays too far from where it came from. 

Molly carries the Irena Small Satchel in Black and wears the Camille Loafer in Sand.
What pieces were your favorite from our Spring Collection and why?
Molly: It was easy to immediately detect the quality in the products. I am a huge fan of the Capri bag, as it's fresh and ideal for the warmer months. The textured fringe bag is big enough to fit my laptop and essentials so I wear it day and night. The Bermuda sandals are attention grabbers because people admire the color and tie-up design. Plus, they are super comfortable!

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