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Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day With An At Home Fiesta

Showing Our Appreciation For Teachers

May 5th gives us the unique intersection of National Teacher Appreciation Day and Cinco de Mayo. While the two holidays are not inherently related, we've found ourselves hard-pressed to find a reason not to celebrate both!

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Teachers are truly the unsung heroes of our communities, both now and in pre-pandemic days. They dedicate much of their own time and money to providing the best education possible, in addition to putting the well-being of our children first. In honor of this day, we suggest sitting down with your kids to write handmade thank you notes to the hard-working and dedicated teachers that have made a significant impact on your family’s life.

As we pivot to learning remotely, those of us that have taken on homeschooling know that this is no easy task. We’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Teachers everywhere with personal thank you cards and an at-home fiesta, complete with our favorite 7-layer dip and frozen margaritas (virgin for the kids!). 

teacher appreciation totes

If you're feeling extra generous, go ahead and show your appreciation for your favorite teacher by treating them to a carryall school tote that has enough room for lunch, student’s papers, and even a change of shoes! The Chiara Tote, Adeline Logo Tote and Colette Tote all offer several compartments and enough space for all the essentials.  She’ll always have everything she needs at arms-reach!