Aigner Journal

A rich color palette and an exciting array of new silhouettes & scene-stealing booties make this our most exciting season yet.

The Fall Forecast

On a warm, humid day in a city park, we gathered our crew to begin work on the newly rebranded Etienne Aigner’s inaugural Fall Season. A palette of autumnal colors and shades with some fresh new silhouettes and unexpected details distinguish our latest collection. As stylists styled, makeup artists touched-up and hairstylists brushed and combed, we produced a series of inspiring images that tell our Fall fashion story through an exciting new lens.

Featuring one model only, the talented Flavia Lucini who never broke a sweat even on a sweltering day, we really wanted the product to come alive and stand out against a clean urban background. Thus we allowed the handbags and shoes in their rich autumnal hues to take center stage in a minimalist, understated environment. Photographer Jason Kim, who shot our Spring campaign and whose impeccable eye has allowed him to build an impressive portfolio of high fashion brands, ran the show, snapping and clicking at the perfect time for the perfect shot.

Browse photos from the campaign that capture the casual cool and self-possessed elegance of the Aigner woman.